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Rumex K-1
New high-yield, perennial, high-protein crops
For a long time a man seeks for the most acceptable plants for domestic agricultural animals and men's feeding which would be fruitful and rich with valuable nutritive matters. First of all, it refers to the full proteins, vitamins, microelements,vegetable oils and other biologically active compounds. In this respect a new feed crop - a hybrid of the first generation received from the herb patience (English spinach) and Tien Shan sorrel - Rumex K-1, created in the Central Botanical Gardens named after Grishko at the Ukrainian National General Manager
Nam L.S. - General Manager
Academy of Science is of great interest. The author of the crop is Uteush Y.A.In 1999 Aviaagroservice CJSC acquired the right to cultivate, apply and sell Rumex K-1 (seeds and products of Rumex K-1) within the territory of republic. Our company is the exclusive official supplier of seeds Rumex K-1 in Kazakhstan. Other companies selling and advertising products based on Rumex K-1 infringe the author's rights which is penal action. The point is not only in law violation. We are selling elite seeds of almost 100 % germinating capacity. Besides, we possess all documentation regarding crop cultivation, development of Rumex K-1 application in the different fields. Our scientists have performed enormous theoretical and practical work on increase in the crop's quality so presently Rumex exceeds much more initial characteristics. At the stage of successful realisation project on development and improvement of existing technologies for cultivation of Rumex K-1, development of feed based on Rumex for various kinds of agricultural animals, birds and fish, medicinal and prevention diets, food intake, specialised food products and biologically active additives. This draft shall be developed by scientists of Research Institute for Human and Animal Physiology, Research Institute for Botany and Phytointroduction, Research Institute for Food and Research Institute for Food Industry.


Dear sirs!

CJSC "Aviaagroservice" has the exclusive right of use, growth and trade of fodder crop Rumex K-1 (seeds and products made of Rumex K-1) on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as abroad under the given allegation by the author, Mr. Uteush U. A. (copyright certificate # 4738, dated 3/08/ 98 ) and the Agreement for the Exclusive Rights Assignment dated on 19th of October 1999 was signed between CJSC "Aviaagroservice" and the Central Botany Garden named after "Grishko", National Science Academy of Ukraine


1. We propose the seeds of highest quality "Rumex K-1", its germinative capacity is 92-96%.The price per 1 (one) kg from the seller's storage, including VAT, are as follows

  • the purchase to 600 kg - US$ 95 (USA)
  • from 600 to 3000 kg - US$ 85 (USA)
  • above 3000 kg - US$ 65 (USA)

    All other companies that trade and cultivate Rumex K-1, in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, has no legal right and it is a violation of copyrights, in addition an act that are lawfully punishable.

    2. We are ready to consider any forms of cooperation, as the production of BAA (biologically active admixtures), mixed fodder for all types of animals and poultry developed or the investment which will lead to future expansion.

    3. To the mediator will be paid a commission upon the agreement of both parties, no more than 5% out of sold product.

    4. Specialists of the company give the qualificated consultation on germination of seeds, for the agreed sum; with the departure to the plantation of hybrid sorrel dock Rumex K-1. In addition, we provide with all necessary materials and documentation, for the germination and preparation of forage for animals or as the meal for people.

  • Institutes who participated in development of Rumex K-1:
  • Institute of Man and Animals Physiology of the Ministry of HE and Science
  • Institute of Nutrition of the Ministry of HE and Science RK
  • Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction of the Ministry of HE and Science
  • Institute of Food Technologies

  • E-mail: aviaagroservice@newmail.net